Speedometer, Computer Kit SPEED / TACH / TEMP, Motorcycle, Buggy




This Digital Speedo is an exciting upgrade for your Motorcycle, ATV or Buggy with on-screen graphic display. Provides: Speedometer, Tachometer, Odometer, and Temperature Gauge. Also included: Clock, Trip Meter, Distance Timer, Shift and Temp Lights. Easy to Install

 BUGGY DIGITAL COMPUTER  – complete installation kit
Buggy Digital Computer provides: Speedometer, Tachometer, Odometer, and Temperature Gauges. Also included: Clock, Trip Meter, Distance Timer, Shift Lights and Temp Lights. Includes everything you need to install on your Buggy. Easy to Install
Powerful enough to replace an entire instrument cluster on your dashboard!
fits Gokarts, Buggies and UTVs by: BMS, TrailMaster, Kandi, Kinroad, Runmaster, Roketa, Goka, Hammerhead, Dazon, Joyner, JCL, Blade, Carter, Sunl, American Sportworks, Baja, Tomberlin, Yamaha Rhino and more. 150, 250, 300, 400, 800, 1000 and 1100cc models
  • Computer
  • Power Wire
  • RPM Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor* (36″ Wire)
  • Speed sensor (48″ Wire)
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Installation Instructions
*Temperature Sensor that comes with the kit is for liquid cooled engines. (to install this feature on an air-cooled engine, add an Air Temperature Sensor below)
Dune Buggy Speedometer Tachometer:
The main feature is a large, well lit RPM tachometer graph. Can be easily mounted on a Dune Buggy, Motorcycle, Utility Vehicle or ATV. The large digital tachometer bar graph is easy to read. The digital gauge has many other useful features like time keeping, engine temperature, resettable distance, and odometer. The tachometer shift lights and temperature lights are great to warn about potential mechanical problems while there is still time to react. The built in stop watch and hour meter is perfect for race training. The adjustable distance setting can be used on those tough enduro courses.
  • Speedometer:
    • Current Speed
    • Maximum Speed
    • Selectable MPH/KMH Display
  • Tachometer:
    • Real-Time RPM Bar Graph
    • Numeric RPM Readout
    • Dual Programmable Shift Lights
    • Up to 20,000 RPM
  • Temperature:
    • Ambient Temperature
    • Engine Temperature
    • Dual Programmable Temp Lights
    • Temperature Sensor
    • Selectable °F/°C Display
  • Distance:
    • Adjustable Distance
    • Permanent Odometer
    • Selectable Mile/Kilometer Display
  • Clock:
    • Hour Meter
    • Stop Watch
    • Ride Time
    • Accumulated Ride Time
    • Permanent Hour Meter
    • Selectable 12/24 Hour Display
  • Power Input :
    • Includes Power Connection
    • Accepts Any Power Input – AC/DC
    • Auto Switch to Internal Power if External is Removed
    • Permanent Memory Guarantees Data is Never Lost
  • Value Added :
    • All Parts to Complete Installation
    • One Year Warranty
    • Waterproof Connections Included
    • Bright White Backlit LCD Display

Installation Notes:

Tachometer connection is easy. White connector snaps into mating connector on computer. Black lead is wired to frame ground. Red lead is wrapped around spark plug wire (5 times) or spliced into vehicle coil connector.
Hardware for mounting to 7/8″ through 1-1/8″ frame bars is included and feature a lockable adjustable viewing angle.


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