SKUSA Shifter Engine “SSE”


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The X30 Super Shifter Spec. US is specifically engineered around the needs of the American shifter-kart drivers, providing the ultimate driving experience by showcasing a displacement of 175cc. The ideal solution for all drivers wishing to race a top level shifter engine with the benefits and the features of stock class engines. The “Spec. US” combines the performance of the very best KZ engines while offering increased performance, reliability, consistency and ease of use. Provided with the new specifically developed Tillotson HB-15A diaphragm carburettor, an absolute innovation on shifter-kart engines and manufactured with enhanced components to increase longevity and reduce service costs, this untamable beast is ready to tear the asphalt apart.
Type: Single cylinder – 2 stroke
Bore: Ø 63,92 mm
Max. bore: Ø 64,26 mm
Stroke: 54,40 mm
Displacement: 174,56cc (max. 176,6cc)
Inlet system: Reed valve
Lubrication: 6% oil mixture
Ignition: Analogic
Transmission: 6 speed gearbox/6+6 discs dry clutch
Cooling: Water cooled
Starter: Push Start
Carburetor: Tillotson HB-15A
Max. power: 49 Hp at 13.000
Max torque: 27 Nm at 12.500 RPM

  • PVL analogic ignition
  • H.T. coil
  • NGK BR10EG spark plug with resistive spark plug cap
  • Tillotson HB-15A carburettor
  • Reed group conveyor fully machined
  • Inlet silencer with filter
  • Z18 chain sprocket
  • Precision casted exhaust manifold with springs
  • Homologated exhaust system (10 segments) with tail pipe
  • Exhaust silencer “Elto”
  • Magnesium universal fixing plate
  • Aluminum water pump and 50mm water pump pulley
4 reed petals group – Cast iron cylinder liner – Water cooled crankcase, cylinder and cylinder head – Crankshaft on 3 supports – 22mm crankpin – Primary pair with straight rectified toothing – Multi-plate dry clutch with shock absorber – Thrust plate with thrust bearing – Homologated 6 speed gearbox – Gears on roller cages (class 8 toothing) – Feed lubrication on primary shaft – Lightened selector drum – Shifty forks with case hardened shoes – Independent pre-selector compartment – Roller main bearings


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