Ninebot S-MAX

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Ready for even more reasons to love your Ninebot S? The MAX offers you the experience you love, with several added features.



The S-MAX is a supercharged version of the Ninebot S and the newest addition to the self-balancing scooter lineup. It can be added to the Gokart Conversion Kit (sold separately) to achieve the same speeds and range as the Gokart PRO.
The following specs apply to the S-MAX as a standalone product (not as part of a Gokart):

  • 12.4 MPH Max Speed
  • 23.6 Mile Range
  • Anti-slip, maintenance-free tires
  • Intelligent speed limit
  • 88-187 lb (40-85 kg) Payload
  • Safety assist mode
  • Intelligent battery monitoring
  • Power-on security self-test
  • Artificial intelligence learning
  • Customizable security settings

Please note that the S-MAX comes with flat, solid rubber “Drift” tires without tread (more appropriate for use with the Gokart). If you plan to use the S-MAX on its own as a stand-up scooter, we recommend the Comfort Tires instead. While also solid rubber, the comfort tires have a typical curved shape and tread for enhanced traction. Please select the Comfort Tire upgrade option if you would like these installed prior to shipment.

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Adjustable Control Bar

You can easily adjust the steering wheel to your desired height. Simply loosen the knob to lengthen or shorten the steering column.

4’4″-6’6″ Recommended Rider Height

Hand-Control Steering Wheel

The hand-control “steering wheel” of the Ninebot S MAX delivers added control and stability based on hand positioning. Experience the power of full control with a slight move of the steering wheel to the left or right.

Mobile App Integration

With the Segway-Ninebot App, you can learn how to safely ride, customize the rear LED lights, adjust speed controls, lock the S MAX, monitor battery and mileage, access firmware updates, and more!

MAX Power

The Ninebot S MAX is equipped with two hub motors and a 432Wh air-cooled battery pack. With a maximum power output of 4,800W and 6Nm maximum torque, the Ninebot S MAX makes riding more exciting than ever before. Built for practical last-mile transportation and entertainment mobility, the Ninebot S MAX gets you to your destination while you enjoy the ride.


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