Front Wheel Hub – Hammerhead, ASW, Carter Go-Kart




Chinese Go-Kart Front Wheel Hub

Version 85

This front wheel hub was used on several makes and models of Chinese go-karts including American Sportworks, Carter and Hammerhead. The best way to insure you are ordering the correct part is to use our detail pictures and measurements.  Please be sure to check both before ordering.

Hub details:

  • Black
  • Width: 68.4mm [2.69″]
  • (4) 10mm*1.25 studs included and installed
  • Studs are 78mm [3.07″] apart center-to-center, side to side
  • Studs are 110mm [4.33″] apart center-to-center across
  • 6202 & 6204 included and installed
  • The 6202 bearing is on the side with the studs
  • The OD of the 6202 is 35mm [1.38] ID is 15mm [.59″]
  • The 6204 bearing is on the side with the six bolt holes
  • The OD of the 6204 is 47mm [1.85″] ID is 20mm [.78″]
  • 25*47*7 seal
  • (6) 6mm*1.00 threaded bolt holes
  • Threaded holes are 29mm [1.14″] center-to-center
  • Used with front wheels with 4/110 bolt pattern
  • Does not come with wheel nuts
  • 8.010.085  520-3006  14148


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