Exhaust System / Muffler for Taotao ATA110H ATV




Chinese ATV Exhaust System

Tao Tao ATA110H ATV

Brand new complete exhaust assembly for the Taotao ATA110H atv. Please check specs and pictures to help match your exhaust.

Exhaust details:

  • Muffler is about 23.3cm [9.17″] long and 76.4mm [3″] in diameter
  • Assembly is approximately 76.2cm [30″] long measured straight across
  • OD of pipe: 25mm [.98″]
  • Pipe exits muffler at the side rear of muffler and continues at an angle for 6.5 inches
  • Makes a slight turn and travels straight for another 10.5 inches
  • Turns again for about 4 inches and then makes a “U” toward the flange
  • Bolt holes on flange are 46.7mm [1.8″] center-to-center apart
  • There is a 1.5″ bracket in the center of the muffler with elongated bolt hole for attachment
  • Chrome end of muffler and spout with screen spark arrester
  • 20642  20642B1830


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